Microbial Biology Application Procedure

Rutgers Graduate Admissions

Please follow the directions on the Rutgers Graduate Admissions web site to apply to our graduate program. The Application Guidelines page has a preview of the questions asked by Rutgers on the application form. Microbial Biology Ph.D. applications are due by December 15 and M.S. applications are due by April 1.

Microbial Biology Requirements

1) A completed Rutgers application including self-reported GRE scores (and TOEFL scores for foreign students). Official GRE and TOEFL scores can be sent to Rutgers using the code 2790.
2) A Personal Statement telling us why you are interested in microbiology and describing your previous research experience.
3) A CV is requested but not required. Besides basic information about the applicant, a CV should include oral and poster research presentations, journal publications, relevant research experience, and any summer internships or work after graduation. A CV can be uploaded as Supporting Material after the Rutgers application has been submitted.
4) Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended are needed. Unofficial copies of transcripts should be uploaded as Supporting Material after the Rutgers application has been submitted. Official copies of transcripts can be sent to Graduate and Professional Admissions.
5) Three letters of reference are required. The best reference letters are written by research advisors and professors teaching advanced courses. Please give your reference writers adequate time to submit their letters. We will review your application with less than three letters but it is to your advantage to have all three letters sent on time.

Microbial Biology Application Review

The Microbial Biology admissions committee meets in the middle of January to review the Ph.D. applicants. The committee meets ONCE ONLY so it is very important that all your application materials be submitted before the committee meets (including reference letters). The admissions committee looks at many factors to make an admission decision: adequate preparation (grades in courses taken in microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, and related fields especially junior/senior level science courses), research experience, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and GRE scores. Our best applicants have focused personal statements, good undergraduate research experience, good grades in advanced science courses, and excellent letters of recommendation (especially from research advisors).

The Microbial Biology admissions committee reviews the M.S. applicants in batches between January and April. The deadline for M.S. applications is April 1 but it is advisable to submit your application as early as possible.

Microbial Biology Application Information

Applicants may contact the Program Director Dr. Zylstra (email preferred at zylstra@sebs.rutgers.edu) at any time about the admissions process.